Elite Sport Goalkeeping is a global brand that works with colleges, university clubs, goalkeeping academies, and goalkeeper coaches around the world.

Elite Sport goalkeeping gloves are the top choice of elite goalkeepers in the professional leagues, including Jorge Pinos, Nico Vikonis, Diego Restrepo, Tomas Gomez, Gabriel Arias, Gil Alcala, Sebastian Viera, Santiago Castaño, and Carlos Kameni and many more.

 We have two main programs for all sizes and various customer needs:

Stock Program:

Perfect for customers ordering more than one pair of gloves:


 Order Amount


 Coupon Code

 Up to $99

 No Discount


 $100 - $499

 Free Shipping

 Applied automatically

 $500 - $999

 Free Shipping +10% discount


 $1,000 - $1,999

 Free Shipping +15% discount


 $2,000 - $3,000

 Free Shipping +18% discount


*Only one coupon code can be applied
**Free shipping currently available in USA and Canada only

Coupon Program:

This program is for:

  • College & University Clubs
  • Goalkeeping Academies
  • Goalkeeper Coaches

We know that the competition is fierce, with many brands offering different discounts. Thus, we offer our own coupon program to ensure that goalkeepers spend as little as possible while they try different brands in the market to find the best gloves for them. Currently, the Elite Sport brand succeeds in finding that sweet spot of unrivaled grip, comfort, and flexibility — without sacrificing durability — while giving you the best value for money.

To access our Coupon Program, simply fill out the following application, which includes: 

  • Your Contact Details 
  • League Affiliation 
  • Year Club Started 
  • Number of Players/ keepers

After submission, your application will be processed within 48 hours. You will then receive your unique coupon code (up to 20% discount, depending on your application) via email. 

You can later share this coupon code with other players and goalkeepers so that they too can enjoy the best goalkeeping gloves on the market at a much more affordable price. 

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