Indeed, having the right goalkeeper gloves is crucial for your youth goalie.

It is SUPER important to invest in the right one for your youth to focus on giving their best during their game.

To save you the time and trouble of comparing goalkeeper gloves, we have compiled a list of the best youth goalie gloves in 2022.

Let's dive right in!


Best Goalkeeper Gloves for the Youth

The following are the BEST goalie gloves for the youth. Continue reading to learn about their features and what sets them apart from the rest!

Elite Sport Black Real 2021 Goalkeeper Gloves - Best Overall 

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Sport out dedicates elevating the athletes' experience in sports by providing super high-quality products.

These Elite Sport goalkeeper gloves contain 4 mm of Elite Contact MB wear-resistant latex palms and 4 mm of backing foam.

These will give your goalie a tighter grip and extremely strong control.

These lightweight gloves have a unique positive cut design which gives the best ball contact. In addition to that, these following features will certainly prevent slip-ups and wrist injuries.

  • 3D-embossed, 4 mm durable BGS latex
  • 4 mm reinforced backing foam on the Shock Zone
  • Air Ventilation Management AVM fabric


In terms of safety, we give these goalie gloves a 100.

It has 5 removable finger spines that protect your child from hyper-extended finger injuries.

Have we mentioned its durability and comfort?

The elastic outer layer contains a 10 cm wide elastic wristband and a 360°, 9 cm wide latex wrist strap, so your muscles are not constricted from moving without the sprained wrist risk.

That way, your little one can have a lesser risk of having injuries during competition season and training. The palm is also protected with extremely thick padded latex foam.

What Makes These Youth Soccer Goalie Gloves the Best?

Aside from the double wrist safeguard and finger protection, it has an ambidextrous hand orientation, which is super helpful when your little one is in a rush to participate in the game.

When it rains in the middle of the soccer game, these goalie gloves still have the perfect grip. Aren't these the perfect goalkeeper gloves?

In terms of breathability, it also has a sweat-reducing feature, which is super helpful when the weather is humid, and the performance of the goalie is affected.


  • Ensures finger and palm protection
  • Lightweight and made of breathable material
  • Designed to prevent injuries
  • Stronger grip and better control
  • Comfortable wrist support
  • Comes in many sizes



  • None we could find


Elite Sport Neo Red Goalkeeper 2021 Gloves - Best Value

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The Elite Sport Neo Red 2021 Goalie Gloves is another product that will give you a bang for your buck. Let’s find out why! 

For palm protection, these soccer goalie gloves utilize moisture-absorbing fabric to prevent slipping, ensure comfort, and provide more control even during high motion.

The finger protection is top-notch, too thanks to Speed Cut - a negative cut with wrapped thumb and all-around latex wrap all over the index and pinky fingers.

These fingersave goalkeeper gloves will keep the finger spines safe regardless of the ball pressure. In terms of responsiveness, it also consists of Tight-fitting Neoprene and latex wrap to reduce the ball’s impact.

These make these youth goalie gloves durable and support continuing contact with the ball, so your goalkeeper can prevent any high-speed ball from the opponent from hitting the net.

Are These Goalie Gloves Worth My Money?


These goalie gloves have an INCREDIBLE grip by using its Elite EsTec 5005-B latex. It helps your goalkeeper by giving them an easier time to catch the ball.

Did you know that goalkeepers usually suffer from Skier's thumb? This happens when they fall to the ground with an outstretched thumb during a dive, or a ball strikes their thumb. [R]

PLUS, the Elite Sport goalkeeper gloves have rubber pull tabs for easy adjustment.

The integral overlap wristband delivers wrist support. Indeed, Elite Sport really knows how to make master goalie gloves.


  • Excellent finger and palm protection
  • Guaranteed wrist support
  • Breathable and lightweight moisture-absorbing fabric
  • Outstanding grip



  • Pricier than other goalkeeper gloves


Elite Sport Aztlan 2021 Goalkeeper Gloves - Best Budget Pick

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If you think that all top-notch goalkeeper gloves and other sports equipment are expensive, Elite Sport will prove you wrong. This company does not compromise quality in exchange for the price.

For starters, these youth goalie gloves contain 4 mm of Elite Control NB latex and reinforced backing foam on the Shock Zone to ensure superior cushioning from high-speed balls.

This goalkeeper glove has a Nroll Palm Cut with a wrapped thumb to help reduce the risk of hyper-extended injuries during competition or training season.

Here’s another cool feature that helps the Aztlan soccer goalkeeper gloves keep up with the more expensive gloves: Air Ventilation Management AVM fabric

Elite Sport includes this in their gloves to ensure your hands remain comfortable during those rigorous hours on the football field. 


The wrist closure is another noteworthy benefit to mention. The 10 cm wide elastic wristband allows you to still contract your wrist muscles well while not compromising the movement necessary to catch the ball.

The lone drawback of this product is the finger saves. Some users believe that the removable finger spines could have been stronger.

But other than that, you truly are getting a solid pair of gloves at an affordable price point.


  • Reliable backing foam on the Shock Zone
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Ensured wrist protection
  • Reduces wrist injuries
  • Affordable



  • Finger saves could have been improved


Elite Knight 2022 Goalkeeper Gloves

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If you need more budget-friendly options, Elite Sport still has your back. Check out the Elite Knight 2022 Goalkeeper Gloves.

Featuring a 4 mm ES-V Game Line latex and backing foam, one would think that this product is expensive, but it's the opposite. The foam ensures comfort for your goalie.

Check out the wrist closure - an elastic wristband and a 360-degree wrist strap that deliver MORE ADHESION and STABILITY to the wrist.  

Indeed, any young goalie would be grateful for this glove being made of such high-end materials.

This is one of the best kids goalkeeper gloves because your youth goalie would feel like they don't even have a glove in their hand, which is perfect for the adjustment period each goalie needs.

The only downside is that it contains foam and latex materials. 

Sure, we mentioned these as benefits, but you still need to be wary of the possible allergic reactions they may have on your child’s skin [R]


  • Economical price
  • Easy-to-adjust
  • Beginner-friendly goalie gloves
  • Comfortable and lightweight



  • Foam material may cause skin allergies


Elite Sport Titanium Orange 2021 Goalkeeper Gloves

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If you are looking for a pair of gloves that will NEVER let you down, you have officially found what you are looking for.

These Titanium Orange soccer gloves from Elite Sport are made of 3D-embossed, 4 mm rubber on foamed Neoprene, providing a bigger palm surface and maximizing friction.This way, your goalie can catch any ball going at any speed.

Add that to a wide design, and you have one of the best goalkeeper gloves at your fingertips. This design improves the stability of the catch and excellent support and grip during wet weather.

To ensure safety and protection from finger injuries, this pair of gloves have a Semi Speed Cut and all-around latex wrap on the index and pinky fingers. These guarantee an ultra-tight grip during intense soccer games.

With an integral overlap wristband, one would think that this goalkeeper glove is stuffy. However, you can easily adjust it through the Velcro straps.

The best goalkeeper gloves have the perfect balance between flexibility and durability, and Elite Sport ensured that their goalkeeper glove has both.

The finger seam parts have been incorporated with moisture-absorbing fabric to prevent sweating and ensure your goalie stays comfortable throughout the game.


  • Comfortable gloves
  • Secured finger saves
  • Stable grip
  • Easily adjustable



  • Mesh fabric is only present in the finger seams
  • Other parts may easily get sweaty


FitsT4 Sports Goalkeeper Gloves

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FitsT4 as a company promises quality AND longevity, and they deliver on that. All the gloves they have created deliver on those qualities, and their goalkeeping gloves are not an exception.

You get rubber material on the whole glove and an anti-slip latex palm on top of the memory foam, so expect maximum impact support and grip for controlling the ball regardless of the weather.

It also comes with fingersave protection with 4 spines, which will protect your goalie's fingers from bending backward. This maintains forward finger formation without compromising flexibility.

Have we even mentioned that it has a double wrist safeguard and an elastic bandage with outer protective straps? These tighten wrist muscles and reduce the risk of wrist sprains.

If you're worried that these will make your goalkeeper gloves super bulky and unfit, then you don't have to be worried at all. It has an 8CM elastic bandage to ensure the perfect fit every goalie needs.

A lightweight and highly-breathable Jacquard mesh body makes this pair of gloves PERFECT for goalies playing in hot or humid climates.

The only downside with these goalkeeper gloves is that they offer NO finger protection for the thumb.


  • Offers superior value and comfort
  • Features maximum impact support and grip
  • Durable and steady double wrist safeguard
  • Best goalie gloves for reducing sprains
  • Breathable for the fingers



  • Does not have finger saves for the thumb


Adidas Performance ACE Fingersave Junior Goalie Gloves

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Aside from being the trusted brand and sports company providing quality equipment since 1924, Adidas boasts of their goalkeeper glove that is more controllable than others.

This is different from other gloves because it has the natural shape of the hand, giving your goalkeeper more control over the motion.

Not to mention that it has a vented wrist cuff and full wrap Velcro fasteners, which allow air to the glove and prevent the issue of sweating when using this pair of gloves for a long time.

The Adidas goalie gloves protect the palm with its Soft Grip Pro feature, which covers a large surface area with extra cushioning to minimize the impact of high-speed balls.

This pair of gloves is perfect for beginner goalies, as it fits snuggly due to their negative cut design. Its comfortable design also helps starter goalies adjust to the sport while not compromising safety.

The only downside that we can find is that they are only available in four sizes, and it can be quite expensive for those just trying out soccer for fun.


  • Easier to control
  • Can minimize the impact of high-speed balls
  • Comfortable for beginners
  • Provides extra cushioning



  • Only available in limited sizes
  • Relative more expensive


Brace Master Goalie Gloves for Youth and Adult

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If you want something that will make your goalie stand out in the field, Brace Master gloves have flashing and aesthetic designs sure to make a statement in the field.

They say the best goalie gloves come through for the toughest saves, and this one has 3MM German latex on top of 3MM foam, which ensures that it is both anti-slip and wear-resistant.

With that, the tacky foam construction ensures maximum impact support and grip for better ball control, even when it's slippery during wet weather conditions.

The inner part of the knitted elastic protective layer is proven to protect the user's wrist joint, and there is also a fingersave inside of the hand back to effectively avoid strain.

The cushioning of this pair of gloves ensures that the palm is comfortable throughout the game, preventing the feeling of soreness from catching balls in high motion.

We also love Brace Master as a brand because they ensure the satisfaction of their customers. They offer a 45-day policy to replace or refund if you are not satisfied with their gloves.


  • Aesthetic designs
  • Excellent wrist protection
  • Comfortable
  • Great customer service



  • Not appropriate for long-term use


Blok-It Goalie Gloves

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Aside from being one of the best youth goalie gloves, what we love about Blok-It is that they ensure that they have a lot of sizes available.

If you want goalkeeping gloves for professional use, you should go for this.

They have a comfortable fit, but they also ensure a secure one that will not go flying in the middle of the game.

With a hook and loop fastening, it provides wrist protection while enabling your goalie to block the hardest shots with fingersave technology. The strap also ensures easier adjustment.

The palm is also kept from getting sore by the padding, with the outer layer of the material sticky and water-resistant.

Even if it starts raining unexpectedly, you will still be able to maintain your grip on the ball.

One thing that sets Blok-It Goalie Gloves from other brands of gloves is that they ensure that their design is androgynous, which means both men and women goalies can wear it.

Add that to an ambidextrous hand orientation, and these match gloves have everything good quality gloves must have.


  • Provides a lot of sizes
  • Androgynous design
  • Match glove designed
  • Easy-to-adjust
  • Ambidextrous hand
  • Has a roll finger cut



  • Contains only one wrist strap
  • Only features one design


Jalunth Goalkeeper Goalie Soccer Gloves

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If you are looking for new gloves for your little one who has begun taking an interest in soccer, this one's for you.

These goalkeeping gloves are not for competitive games or professional use, as they are not made of materials as durable as those in the other gloves.

These gloves consist of 40% latex, 45% PU leather, and 15% polyester. This proves that they are not as thick and padded as others, which we do not recommend for real games.

Maneuverability is the main focus of these gloves, which is best when training your goalie to catch balls. The lightweight nature of these gloves enables this.

Don't worry! The material is still enough to withstand powerful shots.

The adjustable and secure Dura tex strap ensures that the fit is nice and tight without compromising movement.

It's also comfortable as it has a breathable mesh around the fingers, purlicue, and wrist. This keeps the hands sweat-free so your goalie won't have to wipe now and then.

Jalunth goalie gloves come in FIVE different colors:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Violet
  • Red



  • Economical option
  • Perfect for training
  • Breathable
  • Ensures a comfortable fit



  • Does not have protective padding and fingersaves
  • Not recommended for professional use


What Should I Look For in Goalie Gloves?

Buying goalkeeper gloves does not have to be a stressful experience, especially since reliable gloves have COMMON CHARACTERISTICS.

Here are some of the characteristics you should look out for when purchasing your own.


Goalie gloves have four parts, namely:

  • Backhand
  • Fingers
  • Palm
  • Closure


Every part plays a role in ensuring that there won't be injuries to the goalie's hand.


The backhand should contain tons of padding to help protect the hand when catching the ball. The best goalie gloves are incorporated with latex to ensure better grip.

Cheaper ones have only one layer of foam padding, which is not recommended for professional games. You can use them for training and beginner goalies, but not for competitive use.


Finger protection is crucial in being a goalkeeper as they also receive a significant amount of force in catching high-speed balls. That's why they also need to be protected with fingersaves.

When you wear gloves, you should be able to feel a little stiff from the finger saves, but not too stiff to the point of not being able to move your hand when catching the ball.

Finger save technology incorporates spines in the finger of the glove, which tighten once the force of the ball is applied. These prevent injuries in the finger, especially in the thumb.

If you are unsure of what to buy, you can try out a couple of gloves before buying to see how it would feel on your hand.


It's also important for your palm to be protected, especially in catching high-motion speedballs.

For practice, we recommend you to look for dimpled palms since they are much more durable and perfect for long-term use.

However, things change a little bit when you start playing competitive games. Now, your goal is to catch the ball to avoid the opponent from scoring.

Opt for gloves with smooth palms because they usually have a clinging agent that will help you cling onto the ball when you receive them.


There are THREE TYPES of closure:

  • V-notch
  • Hook and loop
  • Bandage

If you often have sweaty hands, go for a v-notch for a larger ventilation area.

Hook and loop closures, on the other hand, are incorporated with Velcro straps to be easily adjustable. The advantage of this type of closure is that they would fit more people, especially kids in their puberty phase.

Lastly, the bandage closure wraps around the wrist and contracts the muscle to reduce the chance of wrist pain.


The cut or fit of the glove depends on the way the palm is made or the overall design. There are four types of cuts: flat, roll finger cut, negative, and hybrid.

  • Flat gloves: recommended for starter goalies since they only have one piece of foam inside, and they hang loosely in the hand.


  • Negative cut gloves: suitable if you have slender fingers, as this would provide you with MORE CONTROL.


  • Roll finger cut: palm material is stitched at the back of the fingers, creating a tighter fit for the goalie.


  • Hybrid: a combination of any of these three types of cuts.


Type of Glove

  • Match gloves: designed for competitive games since they are created with quality latex; usually contain clinging agents to ensure that the ball will not slip away from the goalie's hands


  • Weather gloves: best for extreme weather conditions; contain latex palms that become stickier once wet


  • Training gloves: can ONLY be used for training season because they DO NOT HAVE  the advanced grip required for competitive games.


How Should I Take Care of Goalie Gloves?

Taking care of your child's gloves is easier than you would think. However, one should remember that you must handle them with care.


  • Wipe glove with a damp cloth
  • Allow air drying
  • Use odor eliminators to remove odor



  • Use detergents to clean the glove
  • Place latex sides against each other
  • Place in direct sunlight


The Verdict

Let's recap the TOP 3 CHOICES that caught our attention and will surely aid you in your pursuit of becoming the next best goalkeeper.

Best Budget Pick: Elite Sport Aztlan 2021 Goalkeeper Gloves

When it comes to cheaper pairs, gloves usually come loose, which is a BIG NO-NO for any goalie gloves.

These budget-friendly Elite Sport gloves ensure a comfortable fit that feels MORE NATURAL for starter goalies.

Consider this a steal if you're planning to sharpen your goalkeeping skills during practice and blocking some goal attempts in the game.

Best Value: Elite Sport Neo Red Goalkeeper 2021 Gloves

Do you need gloves that will give you excellent value for money? Check out these gloves from Elite Sport.

The Speed Cut, Tight-fitting Neoprene, and latex wrap INCREASE the thumb's mobility and DECREASE the irritation from the seam abrasion.

Indeed, Elite Sport knows that goalkeeper gloves should be comfortable for training and competition season.

Best Overall: Elite Sport Black Real 2021 Goalkeeper Gloves

If you want the perfect balance of DURABILITY and FLEXIBILITY, the Elite Sport Black Real 2021 Goalkeeper Gloves is your best bet.

The Elite Contact MB wear-resistant latex palms and removable finger spines keep your hands and fingers protected AT ALL TIMES.

You won't have to worry about butterfingers or serious hand injuries, no matter the playing conditions.

Final Thoughts

Buying your kid's goalie gloves should be an enjoyable experience as you get to share your kid's passion for the sport of soccer!

Indeed, you are literally in good hands with these goalie glove options, so be sure to choose the one that will satisfy your child's needs and overall satisfaction. 

Have fun getting your child into soccer with the best gloves at your disposal!

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