The dawn of a new year always brings with it a huge amount of excitement. New boots are often released, as well as new types of goalkeeper gloves. Technology keeps improving at a rapid pace, so there are often tangible benefits associated with upgrading a pair of goalkeeper gloves at the turn of a new year.

They are a vital tool of the trade for goalkeepers. Being confident in the equipment that you are using is vital, with goalkeepers needing to be sure that they will be able to properly handle anything the game throws at them. Goalkeeper gloves can play a big part in the on-field performance of the person how is wearing the number one jersey.

Having gloves that are too worn or generally inept can lead to mistakes during the course of play. All it takes is one mishandling or spilled ball and the opposition could have scored. Therefore, making sure that you have a good quality glove is a must. This guide will look at some of the best options that are on the market today. 

How to find the best goalkeeper gloves for your needs 

It is important that you do a bit of planning before diving in headfirst and buying goalkeeper gloves with little or no consideration about what is best for your needs. There are many different brands, designs, and materials that you will come across when looking at goalkeeper glove options.

There are varying pros and cons to each and every pair of gloves that you consider. Personal preference does play a big factor in your choice. The main three aspects you want to consider when it comes to the fit of a glove will be looking at gloves that either has a negative cut, roll finger, or flat cut.

For those goalkeepers who do not take matters very seriously and you just want a normal pair of gloves, then the flat cut is usually going to be the ideal choice. A lot of professional goalkeepers prefer to of for a negative cut. For those people who want to maximize their ability to handle the ball in a safe manner, a roll finger variant is always a good option, albeit being a bit chunkier than others. 

Leading options on the market 

Now that you have an idea about the type of goalkeeper glove you are in the market for, you can start looking at the specific options. Some gloves will cost more, but they will also often deliver a premium feel and top-quality grip. Here are ten of the best goalkeeper gloves you will come across in 2021: 

Elite Camaleon 2021 Goalkeeper Gloves 

First and foremost, the Camaleon 2021 Goalkeeper Gloves look amazing and their performance backs up their visual appearance. These have a hybrid cut, combining a negative cut and a roll cut into the same pair, with the thumb being wrapped. 

The palm is made out of Elite’s Contact MB latex for extra durability, with 4mm worth of backing foam in place. There is great ventilation thanks to the AVM fabric that has been used, while the backhand of the glove is also kept well protected through durable latex and backing foam.

You can have finger spines in place if you wish, but they are also removable. Therefore, you can easily tailor your approach on a given day to what you are feeling. No matter what type of conditions you are playing in, the grip on the Camaleon 2021 Goalkeeper Gloves is top-notch. They are also very comfortable and fit in an ideal manner. All in all, these are a great option for goalkeepers at every level of the game. 

Club 2021 Goalkeeper Gloves 

    The Club 2021 Goalkeeper Gloves are an affordable option for goalkeepers how are looking for a good balance between price and performance. These have a roll cut and a wrapped thumb. The palm is made up of Elite’s Control SW latex material for enhanced durability, with 4mm in baking foam also being in place.

    The backhand is durable thanks to the use of PS latex, with extra backing foam also increasing the longevity of these gloves. You will be able to get plenty of use out of the Club 2021 Goalkeeper Gloves. Each of the fingers will have spines, which can be removable if you prefer.

    For a glove that is often preferred for plenty of practice, they have impressive grip quality. If you are looking for a pair of gloves that will prove to last the test of time, Club 2021 Goalkeeper Gloves is definitely worth considering. 

    Neo Black 2021 Goalkeeper Gloves 

      Neo Black 2021 Goalkeeper Gloves are a bit on the higher end in terms of price, but their performance backs up the cost. They have truly exceptional grip, with the ultra-innovative Elite EsTec 5005-Be latex being used. The lining is also made up of moisture-absorbing fabric that means your hands will also be comfortable while also minimizing the risk of slippage.

      These have a speed/negative cut, as well as a wrapped thumb. The pinkie and index fingers also have a latex wrap all around. The backhand is made out of durable rubber on top of foamed Neoprene to make sure that the Neo Black 2021 Goalkeeper Gloves are supremely durable.

      While there is no additional finger support, you will see that the tight-fit Neoprene and latex wrap will help to minimize any impact. Finally, they are a very sleek and cool-looking pair of gloves. 

      Elite Aqua H 2021 Goalkeeper Gloves 

        The Elite Aqua H 2021 Goalkeeper Gloves are another high-level pair of gloves. They are made up of a hybrid cut, a mixture between a negative and roll cut. The thumb is double rapped for even more protection. The palm is made out of the innovative Elite EsTec 5505B latex material, with backing foam to make sure that the grip will always be superb, no matter the conditions.

        The backhand is made out of durable BGC latex, as well as backing foam that has been reinforced. There is great ventilation thanks to the AVM fabric, with four removable finger spines also a part of the package.

        One of the standout features of the Elite Aqua H 2021 Goalkeeper Gloves is that they tend to work just as well in wet conditions as dry conditions. Therefore, they are an ideal choice for anyone who is playing in a wet climate. 


        As you can see, there are different types of goalkeeper gloves on the market for different needs. If you are looking for something more cost-effect without sacrificing performance, there is an option for you. The same goes for if you are looking for a glove that specializes in wet conditions or you are in the market for a durable pair that would be ideal for repeated training.

        Whatever the case may be, you can find many top-tier gloves from Elite Sport Goalkeeping. Massive amounts of testing and development have gone into each and every pair of goalkeeper gloves on this list, with the end-user always kept at the forefront of everything.

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