7 Best Professional Soccer Gloves

Table of Contents

  1. 7 Best Professional Gloves
    1. Neo Black 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves: Best Overall
    2. Elite Black Solo 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves: Best Value
    3. Andalucia 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves: Best Budget Pick
    4. Club 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves
    5. Camaleon 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves
    6. Aztlan 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves
    7. Vibora 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves
  2. Understanding Your Gloves
    1. Glove Cuts
    2. Flat Cut
    3. Roll Cut
    4. Negative Cut
    5. Negative Roll Cut
    6. Hybrid Cut
    7. Size
    8. Backhand
    9. Fingers
    10. Wrist Closure
    11. Palm Type
  3. FAQs
    1. What Is the Best Way to Clean Goalkeeper Gloves?
    2. Should I Choose Lower-Rated Latex Goalkeeper Gloves?
    3. How Long Do Goalkeeper Gloves Last?
  4. Conclusion

Goalkeepers need to be mentally prepared, agile, and confident in their goalkeeping skills. Most of all, a goalie's hands contribute to any soccer game's big success, including winning the UEFA Champions League.

This is why choosing the right soccer gloves is crucial to a goalie's performance.

Fortunately, we've combed through several reviews to find the 7 best soccer gloves you can take with you on the field to boost your performance, confidence, and mental comfort.

7 Best Professional Gloves

  1. Neo Black 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves: Best Overall
  2. Elite Black Solo 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves: Best Value
  3. Andalucia 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves: Best Budget Pick
  4. Club 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves
  5. Camaleon 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves
  6. Aztlan 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves
  7. Vibora 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves


Neo Black 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves: Best Overall

Neo Black 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves


The Elite Sport Neo Black is our top pick for several reasons. Apart from its comfortable fit, the Neo Black sports excellent performance for most users.

Suits All Weather Conditions

One of the many reasons we love the Neo Black is how it performs well under any weather condition.

For cold weather play or on a rainy day, you can count on the Neo Black soccer gloves to help you perform at your best rain or shine.

Needless to say, make sure you take the necessary precautions when playing in wet weather. [R]

Exceptional Grip

The palm design features a 4 mm Elite Contact MB Latex along with backing foam to secure your palm's grip.

We weren't surprised the Elite Sport Neo Black had an exceptional grip, seeing how it can perform well under any weather condition.

Comfortable, Tight Fit

Neo Black's cut design follows a negative cut pattern, which provides the tightest fit among other soccer goalie gloves.

Paired with the integral overlap wristband, this allows for a more secure fit. The backhand of this goalie glove is quite durable too, enough for excellent punching performance.

The only downside to the Neo Black's glove design is the lack of any finger protection.


Last but not least, these soccer goalie gloves come with moisture-wicking properties {R] to keep your handles from slipping during intense matches or games and will keep your hands comfortable throughout.

Is Neo Black for You?

The Elite Sport Neo Black checks all our boxes when it comes to a comfortable fit, gripping power, and great performance under any weather.

However, we would have preferred to have some protection for the fingers since harder strikes can lead to potential injury if you aren't careful.

Then again, the Neo Black would suit advanced goalkeepers best and those who need soccer gloves they can use for any and every occasion.


  • Versatile
  • Comfortable, secure fit
  • Good wrist support
  • Excellent gripping power
  • Provides moisture-wicking properties for enhanced comfort



  • Lacks finger protection

Elite Black Solo 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves: Best Value

If the Neo Black wasn't enough to convince you, perhaps the Elite Black Solo will.

Great Value

At an affordable price range, the Elite Black Solo are goalie gloves you can get under $100! If you're looking for high-quality soccer gloves at a reasonable price, the Elite Black Solo is a favored choice.

Great Fit & Comfortable

Many users raved about how comfortable and flexible the Elite Black Solo felt on their palm and hands. Thanks to its flat cut design, the Elite Black Solo offers the highest flexibility possible.

However, flat cut design soccer gloves are more prone to wear and tear, so we suggest taking extra care of these gloves. [R]

Air Ventilation Management

The Elite Black Solo uses a unique material design to improve performance and comfort throughout continuous practice sessions.

The 4 mm BGS latex, additional 4 mm backing foam, and Hi-performance fabric contribute to the Air Ventilation Management feature, leaving you with soccer goalie gloves that keep your hands from slipping and improved protection.

Excellent Grip

The Elite Black Solo's gripping power is one quality all users loved. Positive reviews were centered around the grip these soccer goalie gloves were able to provide. Some even bought a second pair!

Finger Protection

Unlike the Neo Black soccer gloves, the Elite Black Solo comes with 5 removable finger supports, which enhances the overall protection these gloves provide.

Is the Elite Black Solo for You?

These soccer goalie gloves would work well for any weather; however, if you want the best performance, the Elite Black Solo is perfect when the gloves are used in dry conditions.

These gloves are also perfect if you're looking for training gloves or need gloves for a premier game.


  • Excellent grip
  • 5 removable finger saves
  • Great price value
  • Can be used as practice/training gloves
  • Comfortable & tight fit
  • Provides a lot of flexibility



  • Prone to wear and tear

Andalucia 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves: Best Budget Pick

Can you go wrong with a budget pick? Hardly never. But if you're curious to learn why, read on below as we share the great benefits of these gloves.

Enhanced Durability

The Andalucia soccer goalie gloves use a soft-grip latex material, which enhances the durability.

Seeing as how these Andalucia gloves prioritize protection overall, it's an excellent choice for amateur players who need extra durability when they're still starting to get their feet wet.


A budget price looks appealing to many, but the biggest concern is if the quality matches the price.

We can't tell you the numerous times we've encountered products with appealing price tags only to discover the cheap material and poor manufacturing quality.

That's why we made sure we wouldn't make the same mistake when it came to choosing the right glove.

Soccer goalie gloves are essential training equipment, after all, and we wouldn't want you to suffer the inconvenience we went through.

These Andalucia gloves are priced at under $50 only! For the benefits it comes with, the price is well worth the quality.

Ideal for Beginners and Younger Players

Granted, the Andalucia goalkeeper gloves come with enhanced durability, reinforced backing foam, a wide elastic waistband, and a wrist strap for support. Still, even then, we wouldn't recommend it for advanced play.

The flat cut design of the Andalucia gloves makes the stitches prone to wear and tear, which could shorten the glove's lifespan in the event of taking countless hard strikes and impacts.

The material in itself isn't as durable as the Neo Black or Elite Black Solo, making it more suitable for beginners and younger players.

5-Finger Support

We love how this came with a 5-finger support. We felt this was the finishing touch of the Andalucia gloves with regards to protection.

Since these goalkeeper gloves are more suited to younger players, a glove that protects your fingers is even more crucial to have.

Fortunately, the Andalucia gloves aren't anywhere near a steep price tag, making this an easy pick if you want to start playing as early as tomorrow.

Is the Andalucia 2020 for You?

The Andalucia 2020 goalkeeper gloves will fare well in any weather condition, making it a versatile pick for many users.

However, ideal use for these gloves are youth goalkeepers who are currently developing their skills and are on their way to becoming advanced goalies.

Additionally, if it's your first time playing soccer and you're looking to perform great at tryouts, the Andalucia 2020 is a great choice.


  • Highly affordable
  • Good durability
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Comes with finger protection



  • Not suited for tournament play or advanced goalies
  • Material is more prone to wear and tear


Club 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves

The Club 2020 goalkeeper gloves are quite similar to the Andalucia gloves but are slightly more expensive and provides a slight improvement in its design and performance.

Roll Cut Design

What stood out with the Club 2020 gloves was the roll cut design, offering better aerodynamic performance and a tighter fit.

Goalies who want better latex-to-ball contact should go for a glove that offers a roll cut design.

Great Comfort & Fit

The majority of the reviews center around the comfortability and fit the Club 2020 has to offer. One user even reported that after continuous use for a month, the comfortability and fit were just as excellent as day 1.

Ideal as a Practice Glove

Despite its enhanced design and improved performance, the Club 2020 still falls into a practice glove category.

Although roll cut gloves are one of the most common glove types used, roll cut glove types sacrifice a tighter fit for comfort and grip.

Without a doubt, the Club 2020 provides excellent grip power and comfort above all, but if you're looking for a tighter fit, you may want to choose a glove with a negative cut design like the Neo Black 2020.

Finger Support

Whether it's a practice glove or a glove used for advanced players and tournaments, protecting your fingers is a must.

Even more so for beginners, since learning how to handle the ball and control each impact complements the added protection you get for your fingers.

Like most finger supports, the Club 2020 comes with 5 removable finger spines, which is sufficient enough to protect your fingers during casual play or a practice session.

Is the Club 2020 for You?

The Club 2020 gloves are a great pair to have indeed. With its roll cut design, these gloves are excellent picks for first-timers.

Although the Club 2020 provides slightly improved performance than the Andalucia, we still highly recommend using it as a spare practice glove.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Excellent grip
  • Comfortable fit
  • Ideal for beginners/first-timers
  • Durable



  • Might feel loose for some
  • Not ideal for advanced goalies

Camaleon 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves


Camaleon 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves


In a sea of gloves, you wouldn't miss the Camaleon 2020 for its bright colors and aesthetically appealing design. However, visual looks aren't all this glove has to offer.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The Camaleon 2020 goalkeeper gloves feature a rainbow of colors that range from green, blue, yellow, purple, and even small hints of aqua blue and orange.

Fun fact: The design of the Camaleon 2020 was inspired by Mexican legend Jorge Campos. [R]

The vibrant and radiant colors are one of the many qualities that make the Camaleon 2020 stand out among other standard gloves.

Aesthetics aren't the most urgent qualities goalies look for in a glove; however, this is not to say that choosing a glove with great style is short of high quality.

Best Fit

As mentioned earlier, aesthetics aren't the only unique feature of the Camaleon 2020.

Unlike all the goalkeeping gloves mentioned in this review, the Camaleon 2020 offers a negative roll cut, which is also currently the most advanced goalkeeping glove cut today.

As the name implies, a negative roll cut is a hybrid design of a negative cut and roll cut.

What makes this type of cut unique from all other types is how it molds to your hand rather than create the typical mit shape you see in most gloves.

Overall, a negative roll cut provides improved comfort, feel, and fit even tighter than negative cut gloves. Although, expect a slightly lesser grip with this glove.

Even though it's the most advanced glove cut available today, these gloves are best suited to goalies who prefer flexibility and feel above all.

Excellent Padding

One user reported smacking a goal post with this glove and barely feeling a thing.

Sure, the impact from a striker might have more force, but smacking a metal goal post is still something to consider, and in this case, we can say the Camaleon 2020 goalkeeping gloves have great impact and shock absorption properties.

Is the Camaleon 2020 for You?

The Camaleon 2020 goalkeeper gloves have one of the highest quality latex material to give you a strong grip, and match-ready performance, be it premier or tournament plays.

Additionally, the added padding, comfortable stretch fit, and negative roll cut design make it ideal for advanced goalies looking for maximum protection on the field.


  • Exceptional fit
  • Strong grip
  • Unique aesthetic design
  • Has 5 finger removable support system
  • Extra padding improves shock & impact absorption
  • Great comfort and feel



  • Takes a while to break-in

Aztlan 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves


Aztlan 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves


The Aztlan 2020 goalkeeper gloves are the perfect glove to choose if you're looking for a balance of grip and durability.

Reinforced Durability & Shock Absorption

Thanks to its blackout latex material and 4 mm Elite Control NB latex, one can expect the Aztlan goalkeeper gloves to have more durability than most.

Its reinforced backing foam also enhances the shock absorption, which is also quite similar to the Camaleon 2020.

Unique Aztec Design

The unique Aztec artwork is a truly stunning design. With a piece of history on your glove, you might think the Aztlan 2020 carries a steep offer.

However, that's not the case. At under $60, this fine work of art can be yours!

Excellent Fit & Comfortability

Apart from its durability, the Aztlan 2020 goalkeeper gloves are simply comfortable to wear and provide an excellent fit you'll love as soon as you put them on.

Did we also forget to mention it features a negative roll cut design too? No wonder the Aztlan goalkeeper gloves are as comfortable as you expect them to be.

Furthermore, the 10 cm elastic wristband wrist strap enhances this glove's comfortable feel on your hands.

Is the Aztlan 2020 for You?

For those who love unique historical artworks on their gloves, the Aztlan 2020 gloves are undoubtedly for you. That's not all, of course.

Whether you prefer to use this glove for training or tournament plays, the Aztlan 2020 goalkeeper gloves provide one of the highest durability you could ask for.

A lot of users even complimented this glove for its unique aesthetic appeal, great fit, excellent grip, and easily removable finger saves. What's not to love?


  • Negative roll cut enhances comfortability and feel of the glove
  • Perfectly suited for training and professional plays
  • Great appeal
  • Highly durable
  • Great shock absorption
  • Easy-to-remove finger saves



  • Some users felt the wrist support was a little too tight

Vibora 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves


Vibora 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves


The Vibora 2020 goalkeeper gloves are a decent choice for amateur and beginner players. While they may be lacking a few qualities, it's still a solid choice for casual play.

Simple, Practical Choice

Granted, you won't get as many features with the Vibora 2020 gloves; however, the simplicity of this glove provides adequate protection on the field and a performance that will feel amazing for any first-timer.

Good Grip

The flat cut design of the Vibora 2020 gloves makes this an entry-level professional glove with enough grip power to get a feel of defending against the first few shots.

Great for All Weather Conditions

Surprisingly, the Vibora 2020 performs well even under rainy, cold, or wet conditions. We didn't notice any performance drops or decreased grip power, making this great for all levels of play.

Furthermore, when trying these on, we noticed a substantial amount of protection in the fingers even after taking a considerable number of hits.

Is Vibora 2020 for You?

If you're looking for a decent professional glove, you can use daily for training at a reasonable offer, the Vibora fits this category well.


  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Practical choice for first-time goalies
  • Decent grip
  • Protects fingers well



  • Tight on the wrist for some
  • Not as durable

Understanding Your Gloves

As far as safety is concerned, you need goalkeeper gloves that match your performance in the field and your skill level, either beginner or advanced.

Choosing the right gloves for your hands depend on several factors that we'll go over in this section.

Glove Cuts

Glove cuts refer to how the latex palms and backhand are stitched together, which affects the feel, flexibility, and comfortability of the glove.

Flat Cut

Flat cut gloves will use one piece of latex stitched to the back of the glove along with stitched gussets between the palm and fingers.

These are entry-level gloves that cost the least among other glove cuts. Due to their simple design and one-piece latex stitching, flat cuts are best suited for casual play and light training.

Flat cuts make for great budget choices, and while they aren't exactly the best choices out there, you get a decent balance of comfortability, feel, and flexibility.

Roll Cut

Roll cuts have latex curved/rolled around fingers to provide a better feel and enhanced comfortability. Additionally, roll cuts are the most popular type of gloves you'll see.

Does that mean you should get one? That depends. Although comfortable, roll cuts have a looser feel than most glove cuts.

Some users find roll cuts to be "flappy," meaning if you prefer a tighter fit, roll cuts might be challenging to wear.

Then again, if a slightly loose fit doesn't bother you, you'll be happy to know roll cuts shine best when it comes to grip and comfortability.

Negative Cut

Negative cut gloves are more modern and recent than roll or flat cuts. One of the best aspects of choosing a negative cut is its natural, tighter fit, which provides better control of the ball.

Unlike roll and flat cuts, negative cuts offer maximum comfortability and performance. As for its grip, negative cuts are on par with roll cuts.

When wearing a negative cut glove, the fit nearly matches the contours of your fingers and hands.

As a result, negative cuts maximize the use of space inside the gloves, giving you more control and strength when handling the ball.

Furthermore, latex stitching is found inside the glove to give the tip of your fingers extra padding and protection. While negative cuts are excellent glove choices, they're also the most prone to wear and tear compared to flat and roll cuts.

Negative Roll Cut

You might have heard us mention negative roll cuts a number of times throughout this review. In that case, we'll share with you everything you need to know about these glove cut types.

Negative roll cuts are a hybrid design of negative and roll cut gloves. Are they as great as negative cuts, or are they better?

Regarding flexibility, fit, and feel, negative roll cuts outshine most glove cuts; however, the narrow spacing between the fingers reduces the surface area or, rather, the latex contact on the ball.

In the end, negative cuts still reign as the best choice if you want gloves that provide maximum control of the ball.

Hybrid Cut

Hybrid cuts are premium choices that sound fancy but are simply a combination of different cuts. In effect, hybrid cuts aren't a specific glove type.

One example is the negative roll cut. Another example would be a flat roll cut. Hybrid cuts try to take the best of both worlds and turn it into something better.

However, we feel hybrid cuts still need a lot of re-work and improvement if they are to compete with the classics.

Although we will say that hybrid cuts provide more gripping power and perform great too, but even then, the original and traditional glove cuts seem to take the lead.


Size is pretty straightforward and should always be a factor worth looking into. Why wear a small-sized glove if you have medium-sized hands, right?

The size of your glove contributes to the overall feel and prevents your glove from slipping. As a result, glove sizes are just as vital to your performance as a goalie.

While most glove sizes are consistent and uniformly distributed, we recommend using a guide to help you choose the exact fit. This guide should help you measure your hand size accordingly [R]


The design of your glove's backhand is also essential to give your hand appropriate protection and if you have to punch the ball.

A good rule of thumb for backhand design are gloves with double padding or durable latex padding. If you can get a glove with these features along with a punch zone, this would make for an excellent glove.


We recommend going for gloves that offer your fingers protection if you've had an injury in the past, but we don't recommend you rely on the glove to protect your fingers every time.

Since most gloves nowadays are equipped with spines for sturdier support, some goalies tend to depend on these spines for support.

Too much dependence on the spines will cause you to rely less and less on your own finger strength, making your fingers more susceptible to injury.

We don't mean you shouldn't buy gloves that don't protect your fingers. We simply want to advise caution, and preferably go for gloves that provide removable finger systems.

Wrist Closure

The wrist closure is primarily used to provide better hand and wrist security and support. Wrist closures come in 3 different types: hook-and-loop, V-notch, and bandage wrist closures

Hook-and-loop wrist closures provide improved flexibility for your wrist, V-notch closures allow for easier ventilation, which facilitates sweat better. Finally, bandage closures provide the best wrist security and support.

Palm Type

Choosing the right palm type is most beneficial when receiving or safeguarding the ball. The palm of goalkeeper gloves is usually made from a layer of latex and a layer of foam.

With a wide variety of latex types, here are some guidelines you can use to help you choose the right latex type for your glove's palm:

  1. Thinner latex will provide better ball control
  2. Softer latex results in enhanced gripping
  3. Harder latex provides better endurance
  4. Thicker latex will provide improved protection


What Is the Best Professional Glove?

Taking into consideration each factor, the best gloves are none other than the Neo Black 2020 and Elite Black Solo 2020.

Neo Black 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves: Best Pick

The Neo Black checks nearly every factor from the type of cut down to palm type.

Being the only negative cut, the Neo Black 2020 provides comfortability, excellent gripping power, a tight, secure fit, and enhanced control of the ball.

We would've preferred though the Neo Black had a remove finger support system; however, the extra padding provided in a negative cut design is sufficient to protect your fingers.

Overall, the Neo Pick is the best choice for advanced goalies, and with a relatively steep offer, it's well worth the spend.

Elite Black Solo 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves: Runner Up

The Elite Black Solo comes just as close in regards to performance, design, and fit. Even with a flat cut design, the Elite Black Solo comes with a wide range of features, including a removable finger support system and appealing offer.

Choosing the Elite Black Solo will surely get you your money's worth without sacrificing performance and the quality of your gloves.

If you're looking for excellent gloves to start with for casual play or training, the Elite Black Solo is the best option you can go for.


What Is the Best Way to Clean Goalkeeper Gloves?

The best way to clean your gloves is to watch them immediately after use. We don't recommend waiting for any dirt, mud, or grime to sink in since waiting too long to wash them will only cause further damage.

It's also worth noting that cleaning gloves may be unique per manufacturer. Check the label first and follow the instructions for the best results.

Furthermore, don't clean your gloves using a washing machine. Instead, hand-wash your gloves. The added pressure from the water and the machine can lead to the material breaking down faster, resulting in easy wear and tear.

Take note that the best or standard temperature to use when washing gloves should be 30 oC. If the manufacturer label specifies another temperature, it's best to follow this accordingly.

Should I Choose Lower-Rated Latex Goalkeeper Gloves?

As odd as it sounds, choosing gloves with lower-rated latex can be beneficial and useful. You'll find many brands that offer both lower and high rated materials.

However, the purpose of choosing a lower rating is to save the higher-rated gloves for a tournament or serious match.

Lower-rated gloves are mostly used for training and practice sessions since these offer better durability and shock absorption.

Finally, lower-rated gloves suit beginners or new players the most. You wouldn't want to invest in high-rated gloves, especially when you know these will most likely be subjected to rigorous conditions and abuse, right?

How Long Do Goalkeeper Gloves Last?

The average life span of goalkeeper gloves won't last you very long. Since the materials used are a natural material, wear and tear are inevitable.

However, the average lifespan varies per keeper. Some will need about 5 - 6 pairs per season, while others will only need 2 to 3 depending on how frequent the keeper uses them and how well each pair is maintained. [R]

In the end, proper maintenance is key to improving the lifespan of your gloves. Even high-quality brands are no exception.


We hope this article was able to provide you with the information needed to perform as a keeper alongside your team.

Choosing the right gloves is undoubtedly a significant matter; however, don't forget that your gloves are just as great as how committed and disciplined you are with your training.

Finally, the best keepers in the world understand the importance of keeping their gloves clean and well-maintained. Just because you've got a great pair of gloves to protect your hands, we hope you can do the same.

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