Top 10 Goalkeeper Gloves!

If you love soccer and goalkeeping is your life, then you have to check out these top ten goalkeeper gloves!

If you have ever watched a professional pro-athlete goalkeeper make a save, there’s one thing that they all have in common, their gloves! It’s not very often that you see a professional goalkeeper on the field without high-quality goalkeeper gloves.

Choosing goalkeeper gloves that suit you is a very personal decision. While one set of goalkeeping gloves may be perfect for one goalkeeper, someone else may prefer a different style or brand.

If you’re an up and coming goalkeeper, then finding the best goalkeeper gloves that help to boost your save percentage is an important part of improving your performance. Finding the perfect pair of gloves is an important part of boosting your confidence. Many goalkeepers can’t get in the right frame of mind during a game without their favorite goalie gloves.

Over the last decade, goalkeeper gloves have come a long way. There have been some excellent technological advances that have made goalie gloves more essential than ever.


Top Ten Goalkeeper Gloves

To make things a little easier when it comes to choosing the best goalkeeper gloves for you, we have compiled our list of the top ten goalkeeper gloves!

  1. Elite Sport Black Solo – The Black Solo goalkeeper gloves feature 4mm of Elite Control M1 latex plus 4mm of backing foam in the new blackout colorway across the palms. They have removable finger savers that will help protect your fingers from injury when you’re making saves. Air ventilation helps to prevent excessive sweating, and the Black Solo also features latex wrist straps that provide a customized fit and additional comfort.


  1. Elite Sport Black Real – If you’re serious about stopping goals, then the Black Real goalkeeper gloves by Elite Sport are the gloves for you! They feature the Elite Sport best grip technology and also removable finger spines for added finger protection. They are roll finger cut, which gives you more glove on ball contact. The Black Real goalkeeper gloves by Elite Sport offer you a great grip in all weather conditions.


  1. Elite Sport Camaleon – One of the brightest set of gloves in the world! The Camaleon is sure to make you stand out. The Camaleon feature removable finger spines and a thumb spine to help protect your fingers and thumb from injury as well as with 3D Embossed 4 mm BGS latex plus 4 mm backing foam for comfort. These flashy gloves work well in all weather conditions but perform best when the palms are slightly damp in dry conditions.


  1. Elite Sport Aqua H – The Aqua H gloves by Elite Sport feature a bold blue palm and a splash of blue and green across the fingers. They feature 3D Embossed 4 mm BGS latex plus 4 mm backing foam for comfort as well as removable finger splints for protection against injury. They are available in sizes 7-11 and suitable for all weather conditions.


  1. Elite Sport Club Glove – The neon blue, green, and red on the Club Glove by Elite Sport are sure to make an impression when you take the field. The Club Glove is a great all-weather glove and features 4 mm of backing foam that provides added cushioning and comfort in the net. Removable finger savers will help protect your fingers and the latex wrist strap will keep them secure on your hands.


  1. Elite Sport Azteca The bright tribal patterning and styling on the Azteca gloves make these the perfect style and fit for youth goalkeepers just getting into the sport. The latex material provides additional grip and is extremely versatile and durable. Perfect for the young goalkeeper in your life!


  1. Elite Sport BP The BP goalkeeping gloves by Elite Sport are one of their premier sets of gloves. The BP gloves feature 3D Embossed 4 mm GS latex for superior grip in all weather conditions. The yellow palms make a bold statement against the cool black across the fingers and top of the gloves. The BP has a 10 cm elastic wrist band that keeps the BPs secure at all times. If you’re a professional goalie, then the Elite Sport BP gloves are perfect for you!


  1. Elite Sport Neo Aqua If big and bold is your style, you’ll love the Neo Aqua gloves by Elite Sport. As the name suggests, the Neo Aqua features bright and vibrant aqua coloring across the palms with a cool black across the top of the hand and fingers. They feature Elite Sport’s 4 mm Elite EsTec 5005-B latex in for exceptional grip in wet conditions. The one-piece neoprene on the Neo Aqua helps you to not only grip the ball but also keeps your hands dry and warm.


  1. Elite Sport Neo Black – Another glove in the exceptional Neo range, the Neo Black, features an epic all-black color pattern. The Neo Black gloves utilize Elite Sport’s Speed Cut design that gives you the benefit of roll finger cuts that make for a beautiful fit on your hands. The Neo Black fit snuggly and slide on easily due to the one-piece glove body design. They’re perfect in all weather conditions and great gloves for the professional goalkeeper.


  1. Elite Sport Neo Red The final glove in the Neo range by Elite Sport. This bold red design is the perfect glove for any goalies who like to make an impact when they walk out onto the field. The Neo Red showcases the latest in material and cut, showing off the new Speed Cut design by Elite Sport. It’s their new design that combines negative roll with roll cut techniques to create a glove that fits your hand perfectly. Great in all weather conditions, the Neo Red is a serious glove for serious professionals.

Top Ten Goalkeeper Gloves Conclusion

Your hands are your number one asset out on the field, so it’s important that you mane an investment in protecting your hands. Elite Sport goalie gloves will not only protect your fingers and hands while you’re making saves, but they’ll also look and feel fantastic while you are doing it.

The hardest decision that you’ll need to make now is which pair of gloves suits your style!
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